We have bought and sold many houses, many from remote locations, and frankly have always been disappointed by the home inspectors abilities, scope and reports. However, our experience with The House Detectives who were recommended by our Realtor was different and they are by far the best we have experienced to date and we will definitely use them again. The scheduling and set up was easy and responsive. We were prepared to be disappointed again by the ability, scope and report but The House Detectives sent TWO inspectors to the house to work as a team. The scope of their inspection was more extensive and more analytical than previous companies and the written report was well structured and more comprehensive than others we’d seen and was well supported by photos and videos. Additionally House Detectives provide and quickly mobilize other services such as sewer inspection w/ video. The reason we do’t award 5 stars is that there were some items still missed – for example pocket doors that were jammed opened and not reported, strong smells of per urine and warped cupboard doors. That said we recommend The House Detectives and will definitely use them again ourselves.