Our inspections are performed in accordance with the standards of practice and the code of ethics of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). Each of our inspectors is a certified home Inspector through Oregon State CCB (OCHI). The House Detectives LLC is fully insured!

Residential Inspections – We inspect condos, townhouses, single family, multi family, floating and manufactured homes. These are thorough inspections of building’s exterior and interior components and all major systems. On most inspections we send out 2 highly qualified inspectors, giving you twice the knowledge in half the time. 

Commercial Building Inspections

ADA Compliance and Earthquake Inspections

Pest and Dry-Rot Inspections – NPMA 33 form provided.

Roof Certifications – Inspection of the condition of the roof.

Well Flow Tests – Determination of GPM (gallons per minute) flow over a 2 to 4 hour period.

Siding Inspections – Inspection of the condition of the siding.

Radon Measurement Testing – Trained and certified by the EPA (104355 RT) to measure Radon levels. We use the highest quality, most accurate CRM’s (Continuous Radon Monitors) from Femto-Tech or RadStar (RadonAway).

Water Testing – Conducted by a state licensed laboratory. Tests include bacteriological analysis; general water screen; mineralogical analysis; standard water test; extended water test; lead in water test; volatile organics compounds test.

Asbestos Testing – Conducted by a licensed laboratory; include bulk sample analysis and evaluation.

Sewer Scoping- Video footage of the sewer line to the connection with the City Main line.