I had the House Det. do a inspection of a house I was wanting to buy and found them aware and thoroughly attentive. Another thing I liked is when I contacted others to do inspections of the things they found that needed to be looked at, when I mentioned the House Det. sent me I received great service. Thanks!

Carole L.

Barbara was great and very knowledgeable. She is very detailed and easy to talk to. She answered all of our questions with perfect ease. 

Michelle & Bryon

I had the House Detectives do an inspection of a house I wanted to buy. I found them very aware and thoroughly attentive to details! I also appreciated that when I called contractors to look at issues the House Detectives felt needed attention, and mentioned the House Detectives sent me, I received great service. Thanks!

Kurt. M.

Wow just wow. I had the House Detectives inspect the house I was going to buy through a referral from my real estate agent. The home inspection included a sewer scope and radon check. I’m a first time home buyer and couldn’t be at the inspection, but I had a family member attend for us. Wow, was their report thorough! They covered every single issue I was worried about and more. I had questions which they were happy to answer and contacted me with additional information. They were prompt, polite and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a home inspection.

Kori T.

Jon and his colleague did a thorough job inspecting a 3600 SF home we are considering buying. The summary conversation after they finished (several hours beyond the window they quoted) was invaluable in getting a 360-degree view on the state of the home. They were factual and frank and very helpful in helping us decide which areas to focus on first. The 2-person team approach (interior/exterior) was efficient and thorough. Jon might share some good contractor stories with you as easily as he will tell you about the different trees growing in your yard. In my experience, House Detectives were thorough and went above and beyond to inspect the property top to bottom, inside and out.

Daniel H.

Excellent home inspectors! This is the second time I have had a house inspected, and my Dad (very hard to please) recommended them because of the great work they did on his new home. They did a great job at explaining the issues and their report was very thorough. They wore booties when walking around inside and locked up every window and door after inspecting. I would highly recommend House Detectives!

Roxy N.

I recently had a home inspection of a property I wanted to buy. I’ve had previous inspections of other properties by other inspectors, but the House Detectives were by far the most thorough I have seen! They were very attentive, took excellent photos and had plenty of good advice in the report.

After I received the initial report, more information came to light and they amended the report immediately. I was thrilled with every aspect of working with the House Detectives!